6 Ways To Keep Your Website Content Fresh

website contentNew content is critical for good SEO.  Google loves fresh content and updating your website means your website will keep indexing, possibly moving it up in rankings. Of course, when you’re running a business, you don’t have time to spend on your website all the time constantly updating it. So how do you keep your content fresh on your website without taking up your time? Here are five ways to keep your content fresh easily!

  1. Set Google alerts for industry news

This is a great tool if you have a blog on your website that you have trouble keeping up to date with it. You can set Google alerts for certain keywords or your location or town so you are have constant update on news.

2. Update your specials or news

Do you offer weekly specials or have regular sales or new products? Update them on your website! You can have a “Specials” page and keep your content in a format so that all you need to do is hop in and update a few words or lines to keep your content new.

3. Have a news section of your website

Showcase new features, recent testimonials, your latest customers or goings on around your business in your news section. This way you can add photos or videos quickly. Just remember to snap them throughout your day!

4. Ask others to guest post

Do you have a blog that you just can’t keep up with? Ask employees, colleagues or your regular customers to write guests posts for your business? That way you don’t need to invest the time in writing but will still have those closest to your business involved.

5. Create a FAQ section

You deal with customers all day long and undoubtedly, they have lots of questions! Create an FAQ section of your website and use questions you hear from your customers are an every day basis. You most likely already have the answers, you just need to remember to make a note the question and add it into your FAQ section on a regular basis.

6. Have a Gallery Page

A gallery page of your website is an easy way to keep new content. Add in new photos of your store or business as you make changes, decorate for different seasons or get new product. Uploading photos is a quick way to keep your content fresh!

However you choose to update your website, build in time in your calendar to make it a regular thing. Updating your site just once a week can have a positive impact on your Google ranking, which can help potential clients find you easier!

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