No more half cakes.

I know it’s a weird statement, but this is important so hear me out…

Time to get a little personal here.

That’s a picture of my son’s 5th birthday taken at roughly 9:00 at night.

You’ll notice we’re singing happy birthday to him with a cake that’s already half-eaten.

I missed the first time the family sang to him because I was “busy working”.

 I made a promise to myself that night. No more half cakes. 

That was back in 2018. I had a much different definition of success at that time.

If you asked me to define success back then, I’d have defined it as a bank account, a house, a car, or some other vanity metric that people can brag about on social media.

I used to think “If I just hustle and grind now, I’ll be able to enjoy it later”.

The problem that I realized in that moment standing there in front of that cake was…

 My definition of success was completely wrong. 

Success isn’t about maximizing the amount of revenue you can generate from your business, it’s about maximizing the amount of freedom and impact that business can generate.

 And once I made that realization, everything changed. 

Not only in my own personal life, but the direction of this agency as well.

Success is about having the freedom to go swim with your family on a random Thursday morning.

To enjoy your life, not feeling stuck to your inbox.

 That’s the kind of success we want for every one of our clients. 

THAT is who we are.

And THAT is what we want for YOU.