5 Practical Steps To Move Your Small Business Online

J.Louis Technology 5 Practical Steps To Move Your Small Business Online

The chances are that you thought moving businesses online is only what the big shots can do. Well, that’s not true!

Regardless of your budget or scope, as long as you plan to upscale, you can move your business online, and it’s not even a question of if you should, but how soon.

Would you like a guide to scale your small business regardless of COVID19? Yes?

Then, keep reading this post to understand the simple ways to take your business online. 

Step 1: Planning

J.Louis Technology Steps To Move Your Small Business Online

Like any vital step in businesses, you should also carefully plan your move online. That said, start with a clear intention of what you are offering.

How are your services better than what other sellers had listed on the market? Why should people even buy from you? More importantly, would you buy from yourself?

After consolidating on your offerings, think about your communication strategies. What way is best to communicate your offerings? How often would you need to reach out to your customers?

If you haven’t been collecting email addresses, you can start now. If you can, ask for the social media profiles of your customers.

Note: When you get those contacts, resist the urge to start selling. Instead, warm up your customers with ways you can improve their satisfaction.

Step 2: Use Social Media

Now that you have passed the planning stage, your first action is to use what you already have: social media. If you haven’t been using your profiles, start investing in them.

Fortunately, different social platforms fit different businesses. But, you can use all the platforms to push your goals. How?

You can start with Facebook and talk about how your deals favor families and people of all age groups. You will think the blue app is only a directory listing, but it does more than just that.

You can shift to Instagram and Pinterest to show enticing product pictures and infographics. And finally, Twitter can be a direct line to answer queries and increase your reach.

The best part, your customers already have profiles with these social media platforms. Moreso, the tools are mostly free. So, why not tap into them?

Step 3: Do You Have A Website?

Maybe you already have a website, but is it good enough? How fast and responsive is the site? Is your website mobile-friendly and up to date?

Those are some of the few questions you have to ask. And they are crucial because all your efforts to move online depend on your website.

After your various social media campaigns, if your website doesn’t provide your customers what they need, they will leave. Worse, you will lose sales while still paying for the domain.

More so, your website is your web presence. It should reflect your intentions and professionalism. So, you should get it right if you want your business to succeed online.

Don’t know how to go about it?

Engage an expert like Jlouis Technology. Regardless of your budget, rest assured that you’ll get a just-fit website and one that converts.

Step 4: Improve Your Visibility

J.Louis Technology Improve Your Visibility

In addition to your websites, you can also try popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify. We understand you might think, isn’t that too much?

No, it’s not! Try to improve your visibility as much as possible. And creating listings on other recognized business platforms is one way to do that.

Another way to create visibility is to share insightful details online. You could write a feature on your blog, someone’s blog, or even Facebook groups, doing this strategy will put you in a position of advantage.

While at it, you can add videos to your efforts. Host free live zoom classes to your customers if you can find the time. Try a little show of support, and see how it will improve your visibility and your chances of sales.

Step 5: Collaborate With Small Businesses Like Yours

You have the customers, the online visibility, and an enviable & functional website. Even at that, you can do better, but not alone!

Key into the powers of synergy. And you can do that either by building a team or joining forces with striving businesses like yours. We will advise that you go for the latter, and here’s the reason:

Over time, your team might reach their limit because they only operate within your goals. On the other hand, synergizing with other businesses means more aims, more customers, and more ideas for you. All that will do more to fulfill all the needs of your audience.

And what is business if not to meet the needs of your customers? The more expectations you can fulfill, the more growth you will get as a brand and financially.

So, move online today and start reaping the benefits. Perhaps you need help; you can find more insightful posts for businesses on our blog.

Or do you need specific details about a unique business? Reach out, and we will gladly guide you!

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