Case Study: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

The Customer

Lexi’s Clean Living is a food and lifestyle blog developed by Lexi, with the goal of helping the readers to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a simple, fun, and rewarding way through sharing of content on delicious and clean recipes and wellness. The blog provides great resources for anyone looking to create a balance in their life by making healthier choices especially when it comes to food, without it being a source of additional stress. The websites provide services such as a clean meals recipe collection where clients can search for recipes, articles on clean food, wellness, and personal care, a cookbook for those looking for meal plans and a shop where customers can purchase some of the products that would make the journey to clean leaving more exciting and rewarding.

The Project

The goal of the Lexi’s Clean Living website is to not only be the go-to popular food and wellness blog but also engage more readers and empower them to adopt healthier lifestyles. The website also sorts to have customers get their favorite recipes and shop for clean living product on the website creating a movement of a healthier community. Initially, the website was somewhat basic and nothing about it really stood out. Although the website had relatively good traffic, it was not relating to engagement and there were little to no repeat visitors. The goal at hand was to increase the traffic to the website in terms of quantity as well as quality, which would in return mean more engagement with the blog, a growth in audience, and more sales on products. To achieve these, we had to redesign the website to make it more attractive, user friendly, and engaging.

The Process

To increase traffic, engagement, and sales for Lexi’s Clean Living, we had to ensure that we created a customized website that would meet the needs of our client and well as their target customers. With our team of experienced designers and marketing experts ready to help our clients build and grow your presence online, and close collaboration with the Lexi’s Clean Living team,

  1. We replaced the previous website design with a more sophisticated and warmer look with the organization of content. We believe that a website is like a storefront at a store in a mall or market. If the storefront is not attractive and interesting enough to get customers to the door, then whatever you have in the store (however extraordinary) might not matter. Therefore for Lexi’s Clean Living, the website had to be good enough for people to visit engage and come back for more.
  2. We created better Call to Actions throughout the website to ensure that every person who visited the website engaged with it in some way.  The call to actions were also interweaved in a clever but exciting way that made the experience on the website great and unforgettable
  3. With more people using a mobile device and compared  optimized the conversion rates among mobile devices by improving the speed for the mobile site, make the website more user friendly for mobile device users, building trust and using urgency

The Results

After redesigning the Lexi’s Clean Living website, analytics on the website has shown an improvement on various aspects. The traffic to the website since the redesign has increased by a whopping 27%. In addition to higher traffic, there has also been an increase in return visitors, specifically an 18% increase. This means that the new website is not only attracting visitors but also giving them an experience that is so good that they are willing to visit the website again. These results are promising and we believe things will only get better for Lexi’s Clean Living. Another client who we are proud to have offered cutting-edge design and development solutions.

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