What Is Website Maintenance and Why Do I Need It? Benefits & Costs Explained

What Is Website Maintenance and Why Do I Need It Benefits & Costs Explained

In today’s technologically advanced world, running a successful business requires a professionally designed, updated website that runs well when visitors navigate through it. In addition, having a well-designed, regularly maintained website allows you to present your business to the public while driving more traffic, building more of an online presence, and eventually making more money.

In addition to creating a detailed website with a convenient and easy-to-use navigation system for your traffic, it’s vital to keep up with website maintenance. Whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, or other programs to keep your site up and running smoothly, proper maintenance is a must.

If you’re not taking care of maintenance tasks, such as checking for broken links, removing the images that don’t load, and completing required security updates, things can go downhill at rapid speed, causing you to lose out on lots of traffic. Of course, less traffic means fewer sales!

Why It’s Important to Run a Well-Maintained Website

Maintaining a well-designed, updated website shows your viewers that you care about your business and are putting forth the effort to provide the best experience possible to those who visit your site. If your site doesn’t look good and isn’t updated regularly enough, most people will assume you’re neglecting the site because you don’t care or have given up on your business, and you don’t want that.

Advanced Security

Some of the top advantages of website maintenance include:

  • Advanced Security. Routine maintenance leads to regular security updates that provide a safer experience for web visitors. No one wants to visit a site that isn’t safe to use and could potentially put their personal information at risk.
  • Better Content for Viewers to See. The quality of your content is crucial to your success. When people visit your site, they want to see the latest content instead of posts from months or years ago. If you provide better content, you can expect more viewers to come back to your site.
  • Enhanced Experiences. When you care about maintenance tasks and have them completed, you’re providing a more enhanced experience to those who visit your site, whether they’re looking for information or trying to buy something from you.
  • Organic Traffic. If you’re putting effort into building your website and updating it or getting help with maintenance, you can start gaining more organic traffic. You can keep things optimized using website SEO to make it easier for people to find you when searching for something within your niche.


The Cost of Website Maintenance

The total website maintenance cost varies and depends on different factors, including the specific type of site you’re running and the detailed services you decide to use, such as website design updates, user testing, SEO edits, and more. However, the investment put into website maintenance will help you make more sales. If you’re making more sales, you’re getting a greater return on your initial investment!

When you need help keeping up with maintenance-related website tasks, look no further than J. Louis. We provide web development services that can take your site to the next level and help you achieve your goals of gaining more organic traffic and making more sales. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 833-4-JLOUIS or send us a message at SayHi@jlouis.com!




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