Wix Or WordPress: Which One Should You Use For Your Business?

All businesses need a website to improve their revenue and brand representation. However, only those who set it up rightly will eventually reap the benefits. So, how can you be part of the successful lots? How can you launch your website the right way?

Start at the base: what platform should be the foundation of your website? Should it be Wix or WordPress? This post will guide you! But before we answer the question, we want you to understand a few basics:

  • First, Wix and WordPress are both excellent website builders.
  • Secondly, Wix and WordPress have varied strengths. Wix is a top website builder, through and through. WordPress, on the other hand, is a robust content management system.
  • Lastly, whatever option you eventually pick for your business, be it Wix or WordPress, you will ultimately need an expert’s insight to attract clients.

The bottom line is that settling on either Wix or WordPress won’t be as easy as you’d thought. But cheer up, we are experts of creating successful businesses and websites at J. Louis Technology. In other words, we can help you. How?

Within this post, we will weigh Wix against WordPress and help you decide which of the two is most suitable for your needs.

Wix Or WordPress: 5 Factors You Should Consider


The first thing you should worry about concerning website design, hosting, and launching is security. For starters, you want to protect your data. More importantly, you might be adding a payment gateway to your site, for this reason, security is a top priority.

So, which of Wix and WordPress can offer you the best security?

Wix handles security in a somewhat top-down approach. In other words, you won’t have a say in the safety of your data and website. The only thing you can do is set a strong password, use two-factor authentication, and leave the rest to the Wix’s team.

WordPress lets you decide the security of your website in its entirety. With WP, you can choose your host and update your safety protocols. In a nutshell, WordPress puts you in charge of everything regarding your site. Now, that might seems like a hectic process, but don’t fret. You can always use plugins to reduce the workload.

Winner: WordPress is the best platform in terms of security. With it, you’ll make your website as secure as you want it.


Note: This factor is for beginners who have decided to design their websites themselves. However, note that such a decision can only be great for non-commercial purposes. For businesses, you should seek an expert that understands the impact of design on conversion and sales. Else, you’d have wasted your time designing a zero-lead magnet.

So, back to the factor, which of Wix and Website is the most simple to use and beginner-friendly?

Wix is incredibly easy to use, and you would notice that from the moment you sign up on the platform. It will ask you for your choice of website and suggest a list of templates that might suit your needs. Afterward, all you would do to build your site is drag objects around your screen until perfection.

Unlike Wix, WordPress can take a while to set up. For starters, you need to choose a theme and still think through color combinations. Yet, you’d deal with the headache of settling on the right page builder.

Winner: Wix is a straightforward website builder and the perfect fit for a beginner.


One of the advantages of obtaining a website for your business is the ease of attracting clients. But before you can do that, your web pages should rank for niche-related keywords. You should appear in search engine results when prospects make inquiries about the services you offer. But does your Wix or WordPress website help your case?

Wix has never been much of an SEO-friendly website builder. Besides, the owners of the platform started it on Flash-based technologies. Even after Wix upgraded to HTML5 in 2012, its pages don’t have SEO-friendly loading speed.

WordPress is unlike Wix regarding SEO. The platform is a ready-made SEO enhancer, especially when you know the plugins to boost your rankings. Besides ranking, WordPress plugins fix setbacks such as loading speed that might hamper your SEO efforts.

Winner: WordPress’ bottom-down approach lets you decide all the elements of your website. By doing so, you can optimize your web pages for search engines.

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You don’t have to settle for unpleasant, default designs on your website. Instead, you can personalize your web pages to suit your brand, products, or services. Fortunately, both Wix and WordPress can offer you flexibility in terms of aesthetics and functionality. But, which of the two platforms is the best in that regard?

Wix comes with hundreds of responsive templates. And the best part is that you can edit everything to meet your taste with Wix’s editor. Also, this platform has at least 80 apps that can boost the functionality of your website.

While Wix is great for personalization, it doesn’t come close to WordPress. WordPress has 15 official themes and thousands of third-party templates. In addition to all that, WordPress has at least 46,000 official plugins to boost the functionality of your web pages.

Winner: WordPress has more tools than Wix to help you create a truly personalized website.

Support Services & Resources

Wix and WordPress can both do better in terms of support services. But we still have to give a thumbs up to Wix for their customer care service. However, we have to warn you that their messages almost always seem robotic.

WordPress, on the other hand, has limited resources. But you can get answers to all sorts of questions in its libraries. Also, some developers of WP plugins offer support roles.

No winner here!


WordPress is our pick for business websites. The platform offers unmatched security and personalization. Plus, it lets you tweak your web pages for search engines. Nonetheless, Wix is not entirely an ineffective website builder; it is perfect for DIY projects with little to nothing at stake.

Ultimately, the decision to choose between Wix and WordPress lies with you. And regardless of the website builder you eventually pick, we can help you set up professionally. Apply with us today, and let’s discuss your needs!

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